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Waltham Triad is a lodge of Masons that meets in Newtonville on the first Monday of the month from September through June.  We also meet for other special occasions and social purposes and often include spouses and family.  We are one of over 200 lodges in Massachusetts that are chartered by the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts.  Our meeting place is located at 460 Newtonville Avenue in Newtonville and we share that building with several other Masonic organizations.  The Newtonville Masonic Building was erected in 1896 specifically as a Masonic hall and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

So, you’re probably asking yourself “Why is their name Waltham?” if they meet in Newton.  To answer that question, we have to look back almost 200 years.  In 1820, a group of Masons living in Waltham petitioned the Grand Lodge to open a new lodge in Waltham.  While they lived in Waltham, they belonged to other lodges in surrounding towns as Waltham had no Masonic lodge of its own.  This first lodge was chartered as “Monitor Lodge” on December 13, 1820.  Subsequently, two additional lodges and other Masonic organizations were chartered in the city of Waltham.  Tragically, in 1982 there was a fire that destroyed the 690-700 Main Street Masonic hall.  For several years after, the three Masonic lodges and other Masonic organizations tried to continue meeting and dispersed into nearby cities, but their spirit was lost, having gone up in smoke with the beautiful Masonic hall.  In 1988 the three Masonic lodges ultimately decided to come back together again and petitioned the Grand Lodge to merge as one and occupy a new home in Newton.  The newly merged, newly named “Waltham Triad” lodge (Triad means three!) began to flourish again.  So much so, in fact, that in 2003 a lodge in Watertown – Victory Lodge – petitioned to become part of us.

Today we have over 200 members and are regularly accepting applications.  Our membership drives our activities.  Feel free to look around this website to get an idea of all the types of things we do from community support to charitable giving to volunteering to celebrating with our own social activities.  If you like what you see we invite you to apply for membership.  There are three typical reasons you would choose to apply to Waltham Triad as opposed to another lodge.  One, we are near where you live; two, we are near where you work; three, you have friends who are already members.  But you should feel free to apply for any reason.  Please use our contact page to ask and we will gladly meet with you and explain everything about us so you can make your own informed decision.

If you’d like to know more about Masonry (sometimes called Freemasonry) in general, click over to our “About Freemasonry” page.

Here is a little history about Waltham Triad Lodge A.F.& A.M.

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R.W. Kenneth Brown District Deputy Grand Master Presenting two Past Masters, there 50 Year Past Master Certificates.

Waltham Triad Lodge A.F. & A.M